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Reality is evolving; soon augmented reality interfaces will be a part of daily life, and virtual reality is becoming more commonplace. BinaryEye has many potential uses as a brand in the coming world. It could be used for a new type of VR interface. Instead of a clunky helmet or goggles, imagine a device like a pair of contact lenses that accomplishes the same effect. The same contacts could be used as an AR interface when one is not in the virtual world. BinaryEye could also be used as a name for a spy wearable. One day, it could represent a fully functional, artificial, bionic eye that can integrate with a person’s nervous system and restore lost vision.


Cameras have gotten so small that they can fit into or onto almost anything, and almost every digital device has a microphone. Our privacy is under constant assault by both the government and other private individuals. Today, privacy is the exception and not the rule. You must assume that you are being recorded at all times and act accordingly. The only way to fight back against it is to record everything yourself so that you have your own documented account that you can use to defend yourself if you are ever accused of doing something that you did not do. It is the tradeoff we make to have all the wonderful technology that makes our lives easier on a daily basis.

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